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This is the RX7 Turbo rear end subassembly.  I got it for $400.  Stronger than the Miata diff I was going to use, these handle 500ft/lbs with no problem.  It includes LSD, 11" disk brakes, and is fully independent.  I didn't want to cut it, to preserve it's strength, but it's 8" wider than the Spitfire front end.  Therefore, the front end needs to be widened 8.5", for good handling characteristics.

The Spitfire chassis is an hourglass shape, and is only 10" wide where the rear subassembly would connect:  not good.  Considering that the rear needs rebuilding, and the front needs widening, we decided to construct an entirely new, light weight chassis.  At right are the basic plans.

Frame fabrication starts with matching the mounting points on the rear subassembly.  2" by 2" by .096" square tube steel is used.

Laying out the basic structure on the chassis jig.

More fabrication was done after the tub was set on the frame.  The safety cage is welded in, and provides torsional rigidity for the chassis.

The chassis and supports under the 'bonnet'.











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