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The original fender edges were cut off, and reattached later in an attempt to keep the Spitfire fender lines.

Edges are then welded back and extended enough to cover the rear tires with sheet metal.

Front fenders are cut, and Porsche 911 front fenders are welded in place.
Fiberglass "Kitty Hair" is then added for support and shape.
Sheet metal was welded into shape for the front fender-air dam affect.
The same for behind the front fenders.
Inside the bonnet was cut even with the Porsche fenders...
...then sheet was welded back to make fender wells.  The same was done for the rear fenders.
Lots of bondo was mixed and lots of sanding was done for the right shape.
A coat of primer grey, lots of sanding and blocking, 1976 bumpers and bonnet hinge covers are cut to fit the new body shape.  Rear side markers, wind screen squirters, rear license plate lights and deck fuel filler are shaved.

Five Star Collision Center blocked and painted her.  The clear coat finish was baked at 130F, buffed and baked again.



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