Oil Metering Pump

Two Stroke Motor Oil Injection Modification

(Jim Berg's Cable Setup)

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Be warned...this is only to show what's done to mine.  Since my engine hasn't blown up yet, I'm assuming it's working properly, but no guarantees if you try it.  If you see something wrong with this particular system, please let me know via email

Why do this?




I'm no rotary expert, but I understand that the oil injected into the combustion chambers (CC) comes from the oil pan on a stock system.  Mineral based motor oils have dinosaur poo that gum up the seals and springs over time, shortening the life of the engine.  Synthetic motor oil on the other hand, isn't meant to be burned in the CC and will really gum things up.  Fortunately, PVC Technologies makes an (aircraft grade) adapter plate that seals off the oil pan and injects oil into the CC from a separate reservoir. 



The advantages.


This allows me to use a synthetic in the oil pan and two stroke oil for CC injection.

Arguably, synthetic is superior to mineral based motor oil in lubrication and longevity.

Two stroke oil is meant to be burned in the CC, so the seals and springs aren't gummed up. 

Two stroke oil burns cleaner, providing cleaner emissions.


You may notice my engine is missing some stock components, nonetheless it still greatly exceeds the Colorado emissions requirements.

If you like the shaped wire that actuates the oil metering pump lever from the throttle linkage, skip to the bottom pictures to see the adapter plate.  It's very easy to install.

If like me, you did the "throttle body modification" and the shaped wire makes the throttle feel sticky, you might get some good ideas from Jim Berg's cable setup.

The dashpot mounting bracket is easily modified to accept the bicycle brake cable (cut to size) and the little retention clip.

The inside cable guide (cruise control?) on the throttle body can be tack welded to turn with the throttle cable guide.

  This bracket serves some purpose on the stock setup, but for mine, it clamps down the distal end of the cable sleeve.  The grey hose carries two stroke oil to the adapter plate.

  A lead lug is attached at the right distance and a spring and mount assure that the lever returns when the throttle does.




The adapter plate fits perfectly between the OMP and block.  It seals the oil system and provides a nipple to inject two stroke oil into.  After hooking this up, check the amber lines to see that oil is indeed running through them all when the engine is running.



Running a rubber tube from the adapter nipple, through the heat shield to the boot and into the plastic gallon container of Cheveron'sTC-W3 two stroke is an easy solution.  Some "splash issues" are occurring, but should be easily fixed.



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