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This is the third exhaust configuration installed.  The first was for the stock turbo, the second was basically a 3" pipe and straight through muffler, this one, hopefully will keep my neighbors happier.  The top pipe has O2 and Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors and connects to the turbo with a V-Band flange.  This pipe will be prepped and ceramic coated for heat restriction.

  The turbo pipe leads to a 3" cat/"track pipe", then to a 3" glass pack muffler.  This Y's into two 2 1/2" pipes to two 2 1/2" twin tip mufflers.

To drive this car in Colorado, I'll need to pass emissions, so a cat and air pump will be necessary.  This is the cat with split air pipe forward.

  On days when emissions aren't a concern, this ceramic coated "track pipe" will replace the catalytic converter.  This black ceramic coating is guaranteed to contain heat up to 2200F.


Finding a mounting spot for the air pump isn't easy.  Again, this will be removed when not needed.


Four exhaust tips.  Not exactly understated or quiet by any means, they allow over 400 rwhp, and best ground clearance so far.  Rear air diffusers are visible in this photo.



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