MP5K Disassembly

(Bobcat Weapons Inc.  Model# BW89 SP)

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Laser Sight Info

Remove the two locking pins from the rear of the receiver.

Left:  The butt cap and trigger assembly can be removed. 

Right:  The guide rod/recoil spring assembly and bolt assembly can be removed.

Left:  Left side view of bolt assembly.

Right:  Frontal view of bolt assembly

Left:  Slide the bolt head forward until the top tabs meet.  The rollers will retract into the bolt head.

Right:  Rotate the bolt head just until the tabs clear and allow the bolt head to be slid forward off the 'k' locking piece.  Too much rotation and the 'k' locking piece will be ejected from the bolt head carrier by the firing pin spring.


Left:  The 'k' locking piece can be rotated so the cam lobe is down and is removed from the bolt head carrier.

Right:  The firing pin and spring can then be removed.